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In the summer of 2016, Marie released her first EP "Summer Sweetness" with 5 of her original songs.


Summer Sweetness, the title track, was created during Marie's first studio session with Imperceptible Arts. Inspired by the good weather, this jazzy summer groove emerged.   


Seasonal Love is a song about always being there for the people you love, even when they are on the verge of leaving you. No matter what the weather or season, Marie sings "I'll be there".


Life Blues is a sensitive and painful song. Despite the lyrics being very personal, they address universal themes such as death, family, and love.


My Man is about the different stages relationships undergo. By integrating raw with pure, Marie delivers an honest and vulnerable love song.


Mon Ombre is a very original jazzy track, in which Marie combines singing and poetry delivered in English, French and Italian. This ode to different kinds of love combines sarod and saxophone to create a new, undefined style, challenging the artists involved as well as the listeners.  



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Vocals: Marie Chaplet

Keyboard: Louis Lallouette

Saxophone: Eva Bottinga

Sarod: Avi Kishna

Production: Imperceptible Art.

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Marie is currently collaborating with saxophonist Eva Bottinga. Together they form EVA&MARIE, a duo consisting of vocals, saxophone, and piano. They play Jazz, French, Klezmer, and original songs. 

This is "Amoureux Nocturnes", the song Marie wrote and composed for the film Ventoux.

EP Summer Sweetness


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Offspring of very musical parents, Marie started playing piano at age 4 and began singing and writing songs as a young teen. In April 2016 Marie won the public prize of the Concours de la Chanson and in the summer of that same year, she released her first EP "Summer Sweetness" with 5 of her original songs. Marie regularly performs French Chansons with her father Christophe Chaplet and is currently collaborating with saxophone player Eva Bottinga. Together they form EVA&MARIE, a duo consisting of vocals, saxophone, and piano. They play Jazz, French, Klezmer, and original songs.


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